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Ninja Gaiden 3's Regent of the Mask wants Ryu to suffer

Team Ninja has released a new developer diary for Ninja Gaiden 3, which gives the viewer a look in the thoughts process behind the development of the game as well as its story and characters.

In the game, Ryu will be haunted by many people he's killed in the past, thus the reason his right arm is cursed with the aptly named Curse of the Dragon Sword.

Ryu will be tormented by inner conflict which is a result of karma coming down upon him due to all the deaths he has inflicted. This inner conflict will reveal itself in both a human and more savage side, providing players with a bit of drama.

According to the developers, other characters in the game will play important roles in the story, such Regent of the Mask - Ryu’s rival in this game. The fella is not only a Master Alchemist, but pretty damned good with a sword as well and wants to see Ryu suffer.

Another character, an Air Self-Defense Force member named Mizuki, will also play an important role which according to the developers is one of the "greatest secrets of Ninja Gaiden 3."

Ninja Gaiden 3 is slated for release on March 20 in the US March 23 in Europe.

Thanks, Siliconera.

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