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Mass Effect: Andromeda protag goes class free, the Nomad has no guns and you have to scan things all the time

Mass Effect: Andromeda information! Let's put it on toast and eat it.


Mass Effect: Andromeda is finally showing us a few of its cards, and we're going to devour each and every one.

Today's Mass Effect: Andromeda update comes from information released with three new screens, exclusive to GameInformer. These are thing you'll already know if you've read the latest issue (or sought out the scans and summaries), but let's all pretend we haven't done that and report on what's been made publicly available instead.

One screen shows a Mass Effect: Andromeda character firing a gout of flame from their hand - or rather, their Omnitool - which is obviously rad. According to the accompanying text, as Pathfinder, protagonist Ryder can pick and choose abilities from any class, while other characters stick to set classes.

Another shows the Nomad, which is Mass Effect: Andromeda's answer to the Mako - remember how BioWare kept saying people wanted it back? The Nomad doesn't have any weapons because designing two combat systems takes time away from refining the core action, so you can only drive around in it. Apparently it has better controls than the Mako, too.

Finally, the third screen shows the player scanning an environment with their multi-tool, highlighting nearby characters. Apparently you scan things in Mass Effect: Andromeda to unlock codex entries and find new crafting blueprints.

Hit the link above to go put your eyeballs on these images and increase your hype for when Mass Effect Andromeda launches in 2017 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Exciting info. I'm keen to see this scanning business in action, personally. Let's hope Mass Effect: Andromeda strikes a balance between rewarding your curiosity and not having you walk around with Detective Vision on all the time.

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