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Mass Effect 4 will be friendly to newcomers, new BioWare IP uses core KOTOR team

Mass Effect 4 will be friendly to both old and new players, according to BioWare Montreal's studio director Yannick Roy. It also sounds like BioWare's new IP - which is being developed right now by the core KOTOR team - is making good progress.

OXM spotted a few tasty nuggets from the studio on Twitter, starting with Roy's response to Mass Effect 4 fan questions.

The first question below refers to Mass Effect's Genesis 'catch-up' system, which relays the events of previous games to players and lets them make choices to help mould their character and world.

Mass Effect's open-minded approach to sexuality and relationships will not waver it seems, as Roy confirmed fans have nothing to worry about.

Meanwhile, BioWare's new, unannounced IP was confirmed as in-development by Casey Hudson. He confirmed the team is made up of the core Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic developers who have worked at the core of Mass Effect all these years.

Finally, the project's senior producer Jonathan Warner suggested that the project is moving along nicely:

What we know of Mass Effect 4 is that it will run in Frostbite 2 and it will not star Shepard.

In fact, BioWare Montreal told me last year that it absolutely doesn't want to simply make Mass Effect 4's hero 'Shepard 2'. Check out what hey said about this mysterious character here.

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