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Mass Effect 3 N7 day events detailed

Even if you can't get online for Mass Effect 3's N7 Day, you can still enjoy some of the benefits and participate in a special event.

As detailed on the Mass Effect community hub, BioWare is celebrating in a number of ways. A fankit packed with images suitable for social media decorations hass been released, and is available for download here. You can also grab a special high-res commenmorative poster in BroShep or FemShep variants.

BioWare wants you to give back, though. An official cosplay album has been opened on Pinterest, and fans are encouraged to send their own via - and to tweet their Mass Effect memories and stories using the #N7Day hashtag.

As for the multiplayer challenge, it's actually pretty easy - just complete three extractions as a human character (starters in all classes, plus ex-cerberus and N7 units) on any map, at any difficulty.

The challenge is available until 8:00AM PST November 9. You'll score a Loyalty pack with guaranteed rare weapon drop as well as a special N7 banner.

Visit the Mass Effect community hub for more details on all these events, plus loads more - discounts, comics, the release of the Trilogy edition, live streams and beyond. Happy N7 Day everyone!

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