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Major Minor's Majestic March "for western market first"

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Major Minor's Majestic March, the newly announced title from PaRappa the Rappa creator and NanaOn-Sha founder Masaya Matsuura, is being designed with the west in mind, the Japanese dev legend said today.

"We are designing for the western market first," he said. "And we are now trying to find a Japanese publisher. Maybe we can find one soon, I hope."

Major Minor's Majestic March will be published by Majesco in the west.

The game, the first rhythm action title from NanaOn-Sha this decade, has been outlined for the first time in this interview.

"For the basic game function," explained Matsuura, "you will set up an initial BPM [beats per minute] by shaking the Wii controller and you start marching. Along the street and the road, you can find some one who wants to join your band. And you can invite these kind of people into your band. So it requires some kind of rhythm-based actions. But, of course, this kind of action is already controlled by your shaking the controller. And if you successfully invite the member into your band, you not only get that new member but also their new instrument as part of your band. And you keep doing that."

Definitely worth a read.

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