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Majesco notes profit from sustained Zumba Fitness sales

Zumba fitness publisher Majesco reported a small decrease in revenue for the quarter ending April 30, but claimed an overall profit.

Q2 FY2013 brought net revenues of $30.4 million, a 5% year on year decrease on $32.1 million in the same period a year ago. Operating income also dropped, from $5.3 million to $2.8 million, compared to operating income of $5.3 million, but net income rose slightly from $2.7 million to $2.1 million in 2011. The publisher did not reveal gross figures.

Majesco released just one game during the quarter, Zumba Fitness Rush, but held steady thanks to the fitness franchise's string ongoing sales.

"While the overall retail environment for interactive entertainment remains challenging in both North America and Europe, we are pleased to announce that in the second quarter, sales of Zumba Fitness remained solid, and Majesco delivered another profitable quarter," CEO Jesse Sutton said in a statement

"Zumba Fitness has now sold over 7 million units worldwide, and is the second best selling fitness game of all time."

Majesco noted that Zumba Fitness is the best-selling fitness title on Kinect, and Zumba Fitness Rush was the second best-selling Kinect title overall during April.

The publisher's remaining FY2013 line-up is strongly focused on the fourth quarter, with just three releases expected in the next three months - Mini Putt Park, Zumba Fitness Rush Bollywood Style Pack and Zumba Fitness Avatar Collection.

In the fourth quarter, Majesco will front Zumba Fitness Core, NBA Baller Beats, Harley Pasternak's Hollywood workout, Heelo Kitty Picnic with Sanrio Friends, Double Dragon Neon, Sci-Fi heroes and Legends of Loot.

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