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Madden Ultimate Team now available as a free download

Madden Ultimate Team

EA Sports has announced that Madden NFL 10's free DLC, Madden Ultimate Team, is now available for PS3 and Xbox 360.

What it does, is turn the footballer into a trading card game, allowing you to construct custom teams with said cards.

It comes with a starter pack and coach, players, playbook and different jerseys where after setting up a team, you can play either against the system or another player online.

“It’s not just about building a team of players, as you have to also manage coaches, injuries, and team chemistry," said Jeremy Strauser, executive producer for Madden NFL 10 and Madden Ultimate Team. "It doesn’t matter if you’re a hardcore Madden NFL player, a fantasy football fan, or just an NFL fan – Madden Ultimate Team brings something for everyone.”

There's a tutorial posted over on Joystiq, and there's also some screens through the EA Sports site.

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