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Lost Planet 3 'Akrid Survival' and 'Scenario' multiplayer modes detailed

Lost Planet 3 publisher Capcom has hurled across a snowball full of multiplayer details for Spark Unlimited's shooter. Say hello to Akrid Survival and Scenario Mode.

The details follow Capcom's Lost Planet 3 multiplayer trailer, which shows off plenty of soldier skills, mech action and Akrid buggers you'll have to tackle online.

First up, Scenario Mode fires offensive and defensive challenges at both teams that see them having to switch up tactics on the hoof, from seeking cover and holding positions, or laying the smackdown with mech suits and more.

Akrid Survival is a bit like horde mode from Gears of War, except it features up to three teams competing against each other at the same time. If they survive, the remaining teams then battle each other in a PvP round to determine the final winner.

What do you think of Lost Planet 3 so far? Is it looking to be a good follow-up? Let us know below. The game is out on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 across Europe from August 30.

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