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LittleBigPlanet 2's music sequencer could have been a game


LittleBigPlanet 2's audio lead has said the game's impressive music sequencer was under consideration for development as a stand-alone title.

Media Molecule's Kenny Young told Gamespot that Sony pushed the developer to work on a music creation game when shown an early version of the sequencer.

"The music sequencer was always one of those ideas we had simmering away in the background. [Media Molecule] had included it in the original LBP pitch to Phil Harrison back in 2006 to help demonstrate 'creative gaming'," he said.

"Actually, Sony was pretty keen that we do it as a separate product altogether".

"I can certainly understand the thinking behind that," he added. "But we like the fact that once you load LBP, it offers you a suite of creative tools all in one place, not to mention that the whole point of the sequencer is to solve the problem of providing music for those millions of community levels."

Young said the sequencer wasn't included in the first LittleBigPlanet because of its complexity to develop, calling it "a massive undertaking" and "essentially a whole app in and of itself", but that it seemed the only solution for the sequel.

"It became clear that the only way the community would have access to a large amount of music was if they wrote it themselves," he said, adding that certain automatic sound design features of the original had become "hindrance[s] that the community were fighting against in their pursuit of awesomeness."

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