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Linden Lab has four games releasing within the next month

Second Life developer Linden Lab has announced four games will be released within the next month.

You can read all about the first one, a world-building game called Patterns, here.

The second game is called Creatorverse, which will release on iPad. It's a 2D sandbox game in which player create shapes which are brought to life with physics.

Players can create puzzles, pinball machines, mazes, and all sorts of things which can then be uploaded to the cloud to be played or edited by others.

A trailer is below.

The other two games are Dio, a room creator where players can "construct a choose-your-own adventure" or develop "an interactive wedding album."

Versu is the fourth title designed by LittleTextPeople. The studio was formed by interactive fiction author Emily Short and The Sims 3 AI designer Richard Evans and bought by Linden Lab earlier this year.

The game contains a storytelling toolset where players assign motivations to characters who will then react to player actions. The first release will contain murder mystery and romance tales and themes.

Via: Eurogamer, GiantBomb.

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