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Limbo developer's Project 2 'at least two years away'

Limbo developer PlayDead is currently creating the mysterious 'Project 2', but it won't be available for at least another two years, the studio has confirmed. More details after the break.

In an IGN interview, game director Arnt Jensen explained the protracted dev cycle, "We took a lot of financial risk to release Limbo only when we felt it was ready and we are prepared to do so again."

PlayDead received grant funding from the Danish government for Project 2 last month, and along with the windfall came some details about what the game will involve.

The site explains that Project 2 "tells the story of a boy's struggle against evil forces trying to take over the world through questionable experiments on human bodies."

It sounds grim and nasty, and Jensen added that Project 2 may include ideas that had to be cut from Limbo.

"We always experiment with ideas. Many ideas were cut, right up until the very end. We're still working with some of the ideas that didn't make it into Limbo."

More when we have it.

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