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Leisure Suit Larry creator puts original source code for his games up for sale on eBay

Leisure Suit Larry creator and Sierra Online developer Al Lowe is selling original source codes to his game on eBay.

Al Lowe has decided to put source codes for Leisure Suit Larry and Leisure Suit Larry 2 up for sale on eBay.

Rare floppies of Dragon’s Keep and Bop-A-Bet for Apple II computers are also up for grabs. The game that inspired Leisure Suit Larry, Softporn, is also available.

"I’m 72 years old, and none of my kids want this junk," said Lowe said in an interview with Jason Lindsey, ex-Sierra developer who goes by MetalJesusRocks on YouTube (thanks, Ars Technica).

Lowe plans to offer up more of his collection on the auction service such as more Leisure Suit Larry games, King's Quest 3, Police Quest I, Black Cauldron, and others.

He was quick to point out the floppies may no longer work, and those who buy the source codes do not own the "rights to commercially redistribute."

"Realize that, while you’ll have my data as of the day of Larry 1’s creation, you will not own the intellectual property rights to the game, the code, the art, or anything else," Lowe stated in the Leisure Suit Larry listings. "Nor do I. The IP rights were sold over and over again, until they are now owned by a German game company."

You can look at the list of items Lowe is selling over on eBay.

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