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Lego retiring certain Lego Super Mario sets soon according to UK Lego site

Some of the sets from the first wave of release might be gone for good once stock sells out.

The UK Lego site recently tagged three of their Super Mario sets as “retiring soon”, each of which was released in the first wave of Super Mario Lego Products. The sets are Boomer Bill Barrage Expansion Set, Whomp’s Lava Trouble Expansion Set, and Builder Mario Power-Up Pack.

One assumes that this means that once their stock is depleted, then there won’t be any more produced to purchase. And though at least we have a certain amount of warning that this is imminent, collectors will probably want to snap these sets up right away if they don’t already have them.

The Super Mario sets have proven to be incredibly popular, with new expansions and packs continuing to realize the inherent potential of the line. Each set is billed as a level that simulates real level elements from across Mario’s history that you can run through, including by using an integrated app to track how you did. The sets themselves are stand-alone levels meant to be built together, but with individual elements that can be strung together to make levels of your own creation.

And while the sets that might be disappearing soon aren’t the best sets or value propositions, it’s a sign that the first wave of Lego Super Mario sets could be phased out any day now. Still, with how popular they’ve proven to be and how many new sets and possibilities Lego continues to add, we’re probably going to continue to see creative new ways to play Lego Super Mario for years to come.

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