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Knives Out 3 adds a Sherlock favourite to its cast that's sure to please everyone

A rival of sorts, perhaps?

On the left, Andrew Scott as Moriarty in BBC's Sherlock, Martin Freeman stood behind him, Sherlock pointing a gun at him offscreen. On the right, Daniel Craig in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Story, he looks like he's thinking about something.
Image credit: BBC/ Netflix

Wake Up Dead Man, or Knives Out 3, only just got a title reveal this week, but the cast is already coming together, and it's looking strong so far.

Earlier this week, director Rian Johnson and Netflix revealed the name of the next Knives Out film is Wake Up Dead Man, and that it's set to release at some point during 2025. That was pretty much all that was confirmed about the next entry in the now beloved detective series, without nary a whisper of who might star in the film. What a difference a couple of days make, though, as it seems like there's already casting news for Wake Up Dead Man, and fans of the Benedict Cumberbatch led Sherlock series will likely be quite happy to hear that Moriarty himself Andrew Scott has joined Knives Out 3. There's no details on what kind of character he'll play, which is just as much information we have when it comes to the plot, so that tracks.

He joins some up-and-coming names who've already joined the cast too, like the three-for-one hit Challengers' Josh O'Connor, and Priscilla's Cailee Spaeny. With these three alone the casting is shaping up to be quite strong, as is obviously one of the most exciting aspects for many fans of the series given the breadth of actors included in the first two films. I'm sure it'll take some time before we hear anything more about the cast, but fingers crossed Johnson throws some kind of wildcard in there for the fun of it.

The first Knives Out was released way back in 2019, and quickly became a smash hit. It managed to gross $312 million at the box office on a $40 million budget, an obviously impressive return for Johnson's first film post Star Wars. Its sequel, Glass Onion, made the move to Netflix with a fresh cast (bar its star Daniel Craig), though it did receive a small cinema release too.

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