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Killzone: Mercenary Lightning Strike mission and Inlet map detailed

Guerrilla Cambridge has detailed the Lightning Strike single-player missions and Inlet multiplayer map in a new Killzone: Mercenary developer blog.

Lightning Strike takes place two years after the Helghast attack on Vekta, according to the PlayStation Blog. The ISA is gathering its fleet about Pyrrhus, the Helghan capital.

The player takes on the role of mercenary Arran Danner, and must infiltrate a battery of Arc cannons to direct fire away from the ISA fleet, enabling the invasion.

The mission begins via wingsuit drop, and involves hacking; quite a stealthy affair, then. Happily the facility is heavily guarded so eventually you will have to cap some fools, which is why you bought a shooter I assume. However, you'll be able to choose whether to stay quiet or go in guns blazing, and the more you destroy using either of these strategies, the more fat loot you will acquire.

Meanwhile, in multiplayer, the Inlet map is set near the Corinth River, another focal point of the invasion of helghan. The map features a beach, sluice gates, craters, trenches, cargo containers and a huge central bridge offering tactical vantages.

    Key features:
  • An open and free form area, there are very few defined routes; considered, tactical movement is required to stay alive.
  • Extreme lines of sight open opportunities for snipers and other long range weapons to be highly effective.
  • The wide open terrain offers little in the way of cover from aerial VAN-Guard attacks, but a broad selection of hard cover points for on-foot engagements.
  • This war-torn landscape is perfect for setting traps, ambushes and flanking maneuvers.

Killzone: Mercenary is a Vita exclusive due in September.

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