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Killzone 3's MP7 MAWLR Graveyard video shows the Field Medic

Guerrilla Games has posted a new Killzone 3 video showing the Field Medic running around the previously unrevealed multiplayer map MP7 MAWLR Graveyard.

According to the game's producer, Aryeh Loeb, the MAWLR Graveyard is located in an active scrap yards near Pyrrhus, a.k.a the Sukmere Pit.

In the video posted below, you can see the Field Medic reviving fallen enemies, handing out additional health and ammo.

"A fully upgraded Field Medic can call on the aid of a Medi-Droid that will hover near the Field Medic and provide cover while he revives other players," wrote Loeb. "He can even attain the ability to stand up after getting fatally wounded – a perfect opportunity to surprise the enemy after they’ve left you for dead."

MP7 MAWLR Graveyard is playable in 24-player mode Warzone and the 16-player mode Operations.

Killzone 3 releases on February 22 in the US and February 25 in the UK for PS3.

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