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Killer Instinct reboot is free-to-play, only one character is free

Killer Instinct is getting a reboot on Xbox One, courtesy of Double Helix Games . Good news: it's free-to-play. Potential bad news: you have to pay for every character, except Jago.

Destructoid confirmed in this Killer Instinct preview, that while the fighter is free to all, you have to pay individually for new and returning characters. That's a payment per character, but the specific cost has not been confirmed, so don't start worrying just yet, as they could be dirt cheap.

Characters have two life bars just like in the original games, and big combos and Combo-Breakers are back. The game's out at the Xbox One launch.

What do you make of the above? Also, why not check out some new Killer Instinct trailer and screens here?

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