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Killer Instinct multiplayer is so smooth because it runs at 90fps

Killer Instinct developers reveal the reason why the game runs very smoothly on Xbox One.


At EVO 2015 over the weekend, Killer Instinct developers Iron Galaxy talked a tiny bit about one of the reasons the game feels very smooth both offline and online.

According to the developers, the game actually runs at 90fps, despite displaying at 60fps. The game's engine does what the devs call a "rollback" to 60fps during gameplay. The high frame-rate could be a factor in the number of times the controllers are polled for input in any one second, which would translate to a smoother, more responsive feel.

This is not the only technical improvement Iron Galaxy brought to the game since taking over development duties. The studio also pumped the game's resolution to 900p from 720p.

You can watch the full panel below.

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