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Poor Sean Bean dies yet again in the latest Kholat trailer

Kholat, the survival horror title from Imgn.Pro and Wohoo Games based on the death of nine Russian hikers in 1959, has a new trailer available and considering the game's narrated by Sean Bean, well, you know he dies in it. He tells you as much in the video.

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I really wish people would stop killing the super-dreamy Bean off, but, I suppose that's just part of the joke.

Based on the true story of ski hikers led by Igor Dyatlov, all of which mysteriously died on the east shoulder of the mountain, the game was greenlit on Steam and will be released on October 6.

Known as the Dyatlov Pass Incident, no one is sure what caused the death of the hikers, but there are various theories ranging from a Yeti attack, radiation poisoning, an avalanche, and even a horrible encounter with aliens. The official investigation concluded the cause of death as "unknown compelling force", but many accused the Soviet government of covering up the actual cause in the report.

Whatever the cause, it must have been a horrific experience for the hikers.

Kholat is in development for Mac and PC and you have have a look at our previous coverage of the game through here and here.

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