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Just Cause 3 gets leaked screenshots - rumour

There are a couple of screenshots making the rounds that are supposedly from a debug build of Just Cause 3.


UPDATE: Eurogamer spoke with a "source close to the project" who verified the image showing the buy/ sell feature. The source says the image shows an in-game Black Market that lets players buy items on-the-fly.

There was also a plan to have a free-to-play version on PC and a paid-for version - with optional microtransactions - on consoles. This is no longer the case however.

Original Story: Just Cause 3 was never officially announced, but there was always this consensus that a new Just Cause game was in the works.

The screenshots in the gallery below are reportedly from an Xbox One debug build of the game. They come from Xbox-Underground and they're heavily watermarked.

Thanks, NeoGAF.

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