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Jurassic Park: The Game: around 10 minutes of footage

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Excited about Jurassic Park: The Game, despite its unimaginative subtitle? Of course you are: it has dinosaurs in it. Check out 10 minutes of gameplay, courtesy of Gamespot.

Joe Pinney of Telltale Games cropped up on Gamespot's new 'On the spot' TV segment to demo the game.

The action appears to consist entirely of QTE events in a similar vein to Heavy Rain, but it's not clear at this stage if it will follow in the footsteps of Quantic Dream's title and go on to pick up a best story BAFTA.

No release date has yet been set, nor have specific platforms been announced. In the Gamespot video, Pinney says the game is coming "soon" and will be available on "consoles, but is coming first to PC and Mac".

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