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Jason Rohrer made a game and then buried it in the desert before anyone could play it

Jason Rohrer, designer of Passage, made a thing called A Game for Someone at this year's Game Design Challenge at GDC. It's a board game. The theme for the challenge was Humanity's Last Game, which he interpreted liberally. Strange story inside.

He first constructed it in a computer, and built an AI to playtest it so he wouldn't have to, and then he took the optimized version and constructed the physical edition out of metal. After he was done, he put it in a box, took it out to the Nevada desert and buried it somewhere. No one, not even Rohrer, has played it.

The idea is that the game is only for people who are not yet alive. He wants somebody to play it only in 2,000 years or more from now. He realized that It could be that no one will ever find it, and so he provided some clues in the form of over a million GPS coordinates that he distributed to those who attended his presentation. One of those sets of coordinates tells where the game is.

Rohrer won the Game Design Challenge.

Thanks, Polygon

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