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Jagged Alliance: Back in Action in North America, February 14th

February 14th - Valentine's Day - is a good day to spend time with your loved ones, maybe have a nice dinner, see a movie, spend a silly amount of money on flowers and chocolates... or you could stay at home, and load up Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, which launches on that precise date. Unless, of course, you're in Europe. It launches there on February 10.

Think back to Jagged Alliance 2, bring those experiences into 3D, and you're most of the way there. This time around though, the turn-based combat's been scrapped, in favour of a Frozen Synapse-esque turn-based/real-time blend.

If you want in, you can pre-order the game now via Steam at a slight discount - and remember that retail copies are Steamworks enabled so you'll need to log in even if you snap up a retail box.

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