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Inferno details possibly leaked through developer's CV

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Gamercyte's dug up some details on EA's as yet unannounced Inferno by grabbing the CV of one of the game's developers before it was snatched from the air.

Jonathan Knight's working on a "an original action/adventure franchise for PS3/XBox360 at the EA studio in Redwood Shores," apparently.

Here's the best bit:

Executive Producer, Unannounced Franchise (PS3, X360, PC)

1 Creator and executive producer of an original action/adventure trilogy currently in production.
2 Building and managing a large internal team from ground up, with contractors and distributed development.
3 Simultaneously preparing the IP for a comic series, graphic novel, animated feature and feature film.
4 Planned worldwide announcement of the game in January 2009.

No, it doesn't say anywhere that the game is actually Inferno, the off-record IP fought over by movie studios in the past week. But yes, this is the internet: so it's obviously Inferno. Obviously.

Thanks, GamingToday.

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