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Impire is the latest strategy effort from Game of Thrones developer

Paradox Interactive has announced Impire, a new fantasy strategy from Cyanide Studios.

Although Paradox has described the game as a strategy title it sounds something like Bullfrog classic Dungeon Keeper. Players take on the role of a demon imp called Bjal-Abaddon, on a quest to become a "powerful dungeon lord". On the way, you'll customise weapons and armour - suggesting some element of action combat - but also build a dungeon to kill invading heroes.

The story mode boasts both single-player and co-op multiplayer, and Paradox will later reveal a four-player mode.

Impire is expected on PC in early 2013. Joystiq's got a couple of screens and a trailer.

Cyanide's best-received efforts include Of Orcs and Men, A Game Of Thrones (both the strategy and RPG releases) and Blood Bowl.

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