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Cyanide's latest strategy title Impire takes place in the world of Majesty

Paradox Interactive has announced more details on the strategy title from Cyanide called Impire which takes place in the world of Majesty.

Players will be tasked with ruining the lands of Ardania and defending against heroes invading "a personalized demonic compound while also sending underlings to the surface to wreak chaos among those who call the land near your Impire home."

Using minions, deadly traps, and an arsenal of spells, players control the demon Báal-Abaddon as he strives to take his place "atop the skulls of his mortal foes." Only problem, is he's stuck inside the body of an imp - thus the game being called Impire we suppose.

Game features include:

  • User-designed dungeons filled with different room types and an assortment of deathtraps.
  • Minions of every shape and size to be leveled up and equipped with upgraded equipment.
  • A custom deck of magical item cards to be unlocked and built to suit any playing style.
  • The opportunity to squash pesky heroes beneath one’s hooves, and grind their souls into helpful dungeon-building resources.
  • A perilous campaign to be played in solo or co-op mode.
  • Many multi-player modes to confront and crush one’s so-called “friends”.

Impire is slated for release on PC in Q1, 2013.

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