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IGN takes Keza MacDonald as games editor

VG247 super-freelancer Keza MacDonald's latest full-time gig has been made official: the London-based journalist is joining IGN UK as games editor.

As MCV reports, she'll start on Monday, June 13, and report to UK editor-in-chief Alex Simmons.

Keza's written for The Observer, Edge, Eurogamer, gamesTM, Official Nintendo and VG247, and has also acted as a consultant for ad agencies and publishers, including Nintendo.

In her new role, she will help shape IGN's editorial and work closely with publishers and developers.

MacDonald said: "What attracted me to IGN was the opportunity to help define a strong mainstream voice for gamers across the world. With the largest global audience of any games site, IGN is the best place for me to do so, and I'm really looking forward to joining the team."

Keza's been a greatly valued member of VG247's freelance team, and will be covering E3 for us before moving into her new job. We wish her every success in the role. Viel Glück!

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