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I Am Bread update makes jam less sticky, lets you make toast with rockets

Are you ever sitting at your desk plugging away at some work or other when suddenly you lift your head and exclaim aloud "my job is 100% ridiculous"?


I Am Bread, the new game from Surgeon Simulator developer Bossa Studios, has been patched.

Among the usual pile of fixes and minor tweaks and improvements, Bossa has made a couple of important (??) gameplay changes.

For one thing, your bread will now be toasted when exposed to a greater variety of heat sources - the oven, lights and rocket - and to go along with this, toasting feedback has been improved. For another, you can now smash glasses and bottles.

It's not all good news though; ants have had a speed boost, making them even more deadly. On the other hand, jam is now less sticky.

Bossa talks over some of these changes below. If video isn't your thing and you require more detail, hit up the game's Steam Community page for more details.

I don't know what I'm doing with my life but to be honest I'm quite glad that for this one shining moment it's not writing up patch notes for Generic Shooter 47.

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