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Humble Bundle with Android 7 includes Ticket to Ride, Greed Corp, The Bard's Tale and more

The latest Humble Bundle returns to its roots with four DRM-free, cross-platform games - you can grab any of the included titles on Android, Linux, Mac or PC. The base package is Ticket to Ride, Greed Corp, Incredipede and Anodyne, but pay more than average and you'll also score Worms Reloaded and inXile's The Bard’s Tale. Soundtracks are available, too, and if you pay moe than $1 you'll be given optional Steam keys for all games. You have two weeks to take advantage of the deal. As ever, proceeds are split at your discretion between develoeprs, organisers and charity; Child's Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation are this bundle's beneficiaries. To date, the Humble Bundle scheme has raised over $25 million for charity.

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