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Home v1.3 update includes Central Plaza, Neptune Suite and more


During its regular PlayStation Update this Thursday, Sony will release and update for Home, bringing it to version 1.3.

Updates include:

  • Universal Game Launching.
  • New Emotes and Actions
  • More Item Types Including limited use items
  • Tons of Improvements such as new categories of clothing, the targeting system, bug fixes, and the ability to determine your cache size.

Also, the Central Plaza has been updated with the new World Map Travel Center, a new and improved Listen@Home kiosk, new leaderboards and rewards to the Saucer Pop mini-game and a kiosk in Central Plaza where you can grab prizes associated with events.

The new Neptune Suite personal space is also being released this Thursday, and its a rather cool underwater dwelling where you can play built-in mini-games like Blast Zone and it comes with its own pet that interacts with your avatar.

There are tons of details on the update over on the US PS Blog, along with videos showing off the Central Plaza updates and the Neptune Suite.

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