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High Moon working on game adaption of Marvel's Hit Monkey

High Moon Studios and Marvel are working on a video game adaption of Hit Monkey.

The game, based on the comic series, will follow the exploits of a Macaque who learned how to be a hitman after his troop allowed an assassin to live among them.

The Macaque in question watched in the distance as the assassin train daily, despite his distrust of the human, and upon the assassin'd health failing, as the troop tried to save him, the monkey objected and used his new skills to fight off the rest of the troop.

This resulting in him being banished, and as he was leaving he saw a group of hitmen heading towards the troop to kill the assassin.

When he returned to warn them, it was too late - the assassin and his monkey brethren were all dead. So, he grabs some guns stowed away in a bag and kills the group of assassins.

This resulted in a new found purpose for the Macaque - killing assassins. Sounds awesome, right?

No formats are known at this time, but the game is slated for release sometime in 2013. Via GameInformer.

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