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High Moon on Bourne: "We'd love to work on a sequel"

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Speaking to VG247, The Bourne Conspiracy developer High Moon has said that it's itching to go on a sequel to the action game, and has plenty of ideas yet to realise for the digital version of the haywire super-spy.

"It hinges entirely on how well it's received," said lead designer Rory McGuire, when asked if we can expect a second game. "You guys are just starting to put reviews out in the UK and Europe, and there's sales and a number of other factors, but we'd all love to work on a sequel here."

He added: "There are so many areas where we can expand and take the character of Jason Bourne. So if we're approached to do a sequel then yeah, you'll see a lot of those great ideas come to fruition."

While a sequel is yet to be decided, The Bourne Conspiracy is now released in both the US and Europe. The game draws together fighting, shooting and driving, disparate elements the developer locked together with the character of Jason Bourne himself.

"From a game design perspective you're really talking about three to four separate games," said Emmanuel Valdez, the title's director. "We were really looking for something to tie it together, a through-line.

"Of course that's just working with the property itself and creating a Jason Bourne game. By focusing our development around creating an experience to make players feel like Jason Bourne, we were at least able to create a coherent tie between all those features and make an entirely great action experience."

Review tomorrow. Promise.

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