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Here's some fun Kirby: Planet Robobot gameplay with bonus amiibo unboxing

Nintendo released Kirby: Planet Robobot this week on 3DS, and today we have a fun gameplay video which also includes an unboxing of the amiibo.

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Here's some fun Kirby: Planet Robobot gameplay and amiibo unboxing

The Kirby amiibo for this particular title, as Arekkz notes, is different than the one for Super Smash Bros. and there are four others available for this game.

Other amiibos associated with the game are Meta Knight, King Dedede and Wadorudi. Other amiibo can be used with the game as well, each providing different boots and more.

In the game, Kirby makes use of enemy tech to dish out justice against his foes. All while wearing a really cool looking mech suit.

His robot armor has over ten modes, and each can be upgraded.

The game also features four player co-op mode and supports Nintendo’s Download Play, which means if you want to play with friends, only one of you needs to own the game.

Kirby: Planet Robobot was announced during the March Nintendo Direct and was released on June 10.

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