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Here's a trailer for the explosive golf game we're getting instead of Burnout

But this golf game and we'll get a spiritual successor to Burnout. Maybe.

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Here's a trailer for the golf game we're getting instead of Burnout

Dangerous Golf isn't your typical golf game, as you'll see in the trailer above. Hailing from the Criterion veterans at Three Fields Entertainment, it's an unusual take on the sport that may well appeal to fans of Burnout's crash mode: the idea is to cause as much destruction as possible for high scores.

On the way to PC, PS4 and Xbox One in June, Dangerous Gold boasts over 100 holes in locations such as Kitchen, Palace, Castle and Gas Station - that last one is particularly explosive. As well as World Tour mode, which is also playable in co-op, there's an eight player Party Mode.

This is the first release from Three Fields since a couple of Criterion's founders went indie in 2014. It's one of two announced projects - and the second is going to be a racing game. In fact, Three Fields has hinted heavily it'll be a Burnout spiritual successor, something we've ben waiting for since 2008's Burnout Paradise.

Of course, racing games are pretty expensive things, so that will only be possible if Dangerous Golf is a success. It's a sort of hostage situation, similar to Ubisoft's suggestion that we all buy a lot of Rayman to ensure Beyond Good & Evil 2 happens. You may well ask why Three Fields doesn't just seek funding for the racer straight away, but it'll have much better luck chasing investors with a solid release under its belt - and after umpteen many years on racers for EA, you can't blame the team for wanting to try something else for a while.

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