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Here's a round-up of all the cringy moments at E3 2017

There was a lot of cringe at this year's E3, wasn't there?

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Every year, publishers and platform holders try to shake things up at their E3 showcases by doing things a little differently.

EA had YouTubers hosting segments of its show, and Bethesda produced a whole narrative called Bethesdaland to tie all the reveals together. To say nothing of the many moments when things just didn't go according to plan, such as the numerous occasions on Sony's E3 livestreams when presenters thought the camera was cutting to show a trailer, when in reality they were still live.

There's also the returning 'eSports announcer guy does his thing' for this year, which Microsoft had the honour of presenting when it showed The Darwin Project on stage.

The video above is a compilation of all of these moments and more, picked by YouTuber bigMooney06. Watch until the end, there's a couple of nice bits in there.

And if you're not tired of E3 news, hit the link to the right to see everything we wrote about since Saturday.

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