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Hellgate Global boasts 40% female characters

T3Fun has released some statistics for resurrected free to play MMO Hellgate Global, showing some notable trends.

60% of created characters are male, while 40% are female.

The marksman class seems popular with newbies and casuals, being the most created class, but the least likely to progress.

Meanwhile, the veteran-friendly guardian is the most-progressed class.

Interestingly, there's a gender divide in terms of progress, too, with female Guardians noted as the most highly levelled, and male marksman players right down the bottom.

The data is summarised in an infographic viewable below.

Hellgate Global is the western re-release of a premium MMO built by Blizzard veterans, among others. It closed western servers in 2009 and continued on in Asia, before finally re-launching internationally last year.

T3Fun is promising daily hunting challenges and a guild event similar - but much more hardcore than - last year's Rookie Challenge to kick off 2012..

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