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Hayes: Sega to have two launch titles at Vita launch

Sega West CEO Mike Hayes has told VG247 the company will have two games ready for Vita's launch.

One title that has been confirmed for the launch from Sega is Virtua Tennis 4, as announced at E3, whie the other is an unknown. But Hayes said it will give its full backing to the system.

"On Vita, we came out pretty early on and said we were going to give support to the hardware," Hayes told us in a phone interview yesterday.

"And we will have at least two titles at the launch of Vita. When exactly that's going to be of course, we don't know, but we're assuming it's going to be by the end of the Sony financial year, we guess, so we've got that."

Sony has confirmed it'll launch Vita in Japan by the end of this year, with a launch in the US and Europe by early 2012.

Hayes also said that it has a further three games in production at Sega for the platform. And this is before you add in the title being worked on at the new unnamed studio in Solihull in the West Midlands that was announced in June, as well as any digital titles the company has planned for the handheld.

Hayes added that it has "got a feeling that Vita will be a very handy digital delivery device."

"Probably along the lines of what we're making for PSN and XBLA, I think, with enhancements, it's going to be really suitable for Vita. So we've very much embraced it and it's a beautiful piece of kit. We hope Sony get the numbers that we think they're going to do on that."

Our full interview with Mike Hayes will go live on Monday.

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