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Harvest Moon: The Land of Origin sold more on debut than any in the series

It seems you just can't get enough of Harvest Moon: The Land of Origin, as developer Marvelous reveals the game has enjoyed a massive debut week of sales, moving more than 80,000 units and taking home the record for biggest-selling debut of any Harvest Moon title in revent years.

Curious about how the other games fared? Our colleagues at Siliconera have put in the hard yards, drawing up this helpful infographic of the game's first-week successes since 2005.

Harvest Moon Sales infographic

The site is also quick to point out that while these first-week sales are actually quite low compared to many other franchises, Harvest Moon titles tend to fall into the "sleeper hit" category: The 2010 release Tale of Two Towns sold a meagre 63,000 copies in its debut week, but went on to sell more than 230,000 copies over all.

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