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Your Halo collection won't be complete without this

Halo fans should begin filing pennies away in a savings account, because NECA is making the Mjolnir Mark VI-style helmet happen.


Thanks to its exclusive Halo licensing deal, NECA - creators of the official Portal gun, as well as several quality action figure lines and various other game merchandising - is currently wortking on a wearable Master Chief helmet.

Although it's currently in the modelling stages, the final helmet will release in 2015, with a full, working visor. You can find more informaiton on NECA's website.

The helmet will take some of the effort out of cosplay - which seems a little beside the point, actually - but it's also a fully-functional, safety standards-compliant motorcycle helmet. It doesn't match my paint job, though. If only Master Chief wore a fetching crimson colour. Just as an aside: if you end up ordering one of these to use with a motorbike, be sure to check it has the required documentation and sticker labels for your territory.

Thanks, Destructoid.

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