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Half-Life 3 ARG talk rolls on after Surgeon Simulator DLC discovery

Half-Life 3 chatter has resumed recently with people looking far and wide for clues as to when the absent threequel will break cover. Gamers have been racking their brains over a mysterious note found in Surgeon Simulator 2013's Team Fortress 2 DLC, and have somehow linked it to the game.

UPDATE: I chucked Bossa Studios head Henrique Olifiers an email to see what he made of this madness, and he replied.

"Yep, this was an interesting one to wake up to this morning, I give you that. The easter-egg is a fundamental part of an upcoming July update of the game, but nothing to do with a Valve title, I'm afraid."

So there we go, nothing to do with Half-Life 3, sadly.

ORIGINAL STORY: The Sixth Axis reports that this weird note with Korean text can be found taped to an object on the Surgeon Simulator desk. The text reads "The time is", and the dots are said to indicate the planets in our solar system.

Now, through logic we don't quite understand - because let's be honest here - people can find logic in anything when they want something like Half-Life 3 so bad, this post on RLLMUK seems to have worked the diagram to spell out September 26, 2013.

Steam's 10th birthday occurs 13 days before that, so make of this what you will.

Also, Valve's 13-year old shooter Richochet just got three new achievements. Yep, three.

What do you think? Total bollocks, or a sly ploy by Gabe and pals?

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