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Watch 12 minutes of an older, early build of H1Z1 shown at CES 2015

Sony Online Entertainment is on-hand at CES 2015 this week, showing off its apocalyptic MMO H1Z1.

Still in the early stages of development, IGN was given time with the alpha version of the game during the conference.

The video through the link shows a game which very much "in progress" - so don't be too hard on it. Plus, it is an older build of the game.

The first public build of the sandbox survival title will become available on January 15 and will feature 64,000 km² of terrain which will grow over time to around 9.8 million km².

H1Z1 will be available in two packages during early access: basic for $20 and a more expensive version.

The game will be released on both PC and PS4 at some point.

SOE will host a pre-Early Access stream for the game this Friday, January 9.

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