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H-Hour: World’s Elite Steam Greenlight campaign successful, new screens released

H-Hour: Worlds Elite is the spiritual successor to the SOCOM series, and luckily for fans SOF Studios' Steam Greenlight campaign has proved successful. The shooter is now confirmed as coming to Steam once it launches next year. The team has issued its thanks to fans, along with two new alphas screens for their trouble.

It follows this H-Hour: World's Elite pre-alpha footage. Check it out for a glimpse of what's to come.

Now, SOF Studios has penned a blog to say thank you for everyone who up-voted the game on Greenlight, adding, "On behalf of SOF Studios we'd like to thank our community for making this happen. This was based entirely on community support and your efforts and hard work resulted in a landslide victory for H-Hour."

The studio has released two images from the shooter's alpha build to tide people over for now. Here they are:



Via MP1st.

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