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Guild Wars 2 has sold over 3 million copies since August, 2013 content plans outlined

Guild Wars 2 has sold over3 million copies since its August, according to an update on the MMO's website from director Colin Johanson, who also outlined the team's 2013 plans for the title starting with expanding and leveraging the achievement system.

This year, ArenNet also plans to continue "building up community and events," and Johanson said the team has many "ideas on how to take this to the next level," by building a world with "truly unique storylines and event experiences that play out over extended periods of time."

"We attempted to do this with varying degrees of success with our Halloween, Lost Shores, and Wintersday events," he wrote. "We’ve learned an incredible amount about how to ensure big events like this are successful moving forward.

"To complement this concept of regular world events with strong stories and themes, we also need to build on and strengthen our existing open world and its persistent content. [But] before we expand our world more, we need to make sure our existing world is as strong as possible, and gives reasons for people at all levels to go back and play and explore in the entire game we have built."

One of the ways the teams plans to go about this is by "expanding and leveraging" the achievement system, which will allow players to earn new rewards for achievements, add tokens for for said achievements to turn in for rewards. New rewards examples provided were ascended gear and infusions. Support for daily achievements will be different each day of the week, and later on, a system allowing players to complete a "subgroup of achievements" to fulfill dailies will be added.

"As we look at developing new types of rewards further into 2013, we want to develop systems that are uniquely Guild Wars 2," Johanson continued. "Our reward systems need to be exciting, and include things you want to earn over time, but we don’t want to force our players on endless gear treadmills for new tiers of gear we add every 6 months.

"You won’t see another tier between ascended and legendary in 2013 for example. Later in 2013, we’ll begin to introduce more of these systems once we’ve finished rolling out the remaining ascended gear and infusions."

ArenaNet is also working on adding new types of content to the game in early 2013 which will allow guilds to go on missions together, some of which may be "designed specifically" for the guild to accomplish within certain constraints or time requirements. The teams plans to expand this system along with guild rewards over time.

Other specific features such as World vs World are in the plan, as well as some polishing, the addition of paid server transfers, improvements to culling, other new features, the introduction of prestige system and advancement specifically designed for WvW.

PvP will be growing "by leaps and bounds" over the course of the year.

There's plenty more in Johanson's post, so read the entire update through the link.

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