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GTFO E3 trailer is about working as a team to survive the horror

GTFO's brand of horror is still deadly, even when you bring friends and lots of guns.

There aren't too many multiplayer horror games out there, especially ones where the heroes are equipped with state of the art weaponry. GTFO might be a rare exception - a horror game aiming for the experience Aliens: Colonial Marines hoped to be.

GTFO is a 4-player co-operative action-horror game where players must scavenge an underground complex filled with monsters. Your team must complete procedurally-generated scenarios while keeping creatures back at each turn. Enemies will break down doors, rush your position, and generally try and wreck your day, so you'll have to depend on each other to survive.

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A new E3 gameplay trailer follows the team while attempting to retrieve a decontamination unit. They are certainly well-equipped - alongside their weapons, there are also sentry guns and what appears to be trip-mines to manage the horde. There are also scanners that mark enemy targets so you can be ready when they round corners. Special weapons include some kind of acidic goo dispenser that fires blobs onto map surfaces, damaging monsters that run through them.

At the same time, there are many enemy types that offer various gameplay challenges. Most of the monsters are small, easy-to-kill beasts that attack in waves. There are also larger brutes, ranged attackers, and one a "Sleeper" that attracts everything when alerted.

Combined, GTFO will not necessarily be an easy experience - the heroes don't even survive the demo playthrough here. But with coordination and a little luck, you might just have a chance.

GTFO will launch for PC sometime in 2018.

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