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GTA V "expected in FY '11," says Piper


Piper Jaffray's Anthony Gikas has bumped his Take-Two target up to $15, from $11, saying in a note that GTA V is "expected" in the company's fiscal '11.

“Our confidence in the company’s profitability profile is improving as product flow for FY 2010 is greatly improved and Grand Theft Auto V is expected in FY ‘11,” he said today.

“Assuming no change to product flow, we expect the company will have 10-plus games that will sell over one million units.”

Take-Two is currently in its '09 Q4, which ends on October 31. FY '10 ends October 31, 2010. Mr Gikas here is saying GTA V will release sometime in the 12 months ending October 31, 2011.

That's a long time to wait, isn't it?

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