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GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition PC version pulled from sale, customers demand refunds

It seems all is not well with the PC version of the game.

Rockstar Games has pulled the PC version of GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition from sale, and for almost two days, the launcher was offline.

While the Rockstar launcher was eventually brought back online, the PC version of the game remains unavailable for purchase on Rockstar's website, and those who already own it are unable to play it. And it is unknown as of press time when the game will be brought back online.

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According to Rockstar, the game was pulled due to some files "unintentionally" included with the PC version. The studio is working to have them removed, but what these files are, the studio didn't state.

Some who have messed around in the game files suggest the issue may have something to do with music files that are still present despite having expired licenses. Others suggest the issue has to do with files left in the game that include developer comments (via Eurogamer).

The fact the game is unplayable on PC has caused many customers, to request refunds. But it’s not just PC folks asking for their money back: many console players are also unhappy with the trilogy.

Players have reported performance problems, bugs, errors, audio compression, strange face rendering, fewer civilians walking around, lack of fog, render distance issues, interesting rain, spelling and grammar mistakes, and more. Others feel it is a bit of a mixed bag, like our own Alex Donaldson, and some feel that while character rendering can be bad at times, upgrades made to the environment are a welcome addition.

It’s highly likely some of the issues and mistakes will be ironed out through patches, but whether the majority of graphical problems will be ironed out remains to be seen as Rockstar has not stated when updates can be expected.

Originally developed by Rockstar Games, The Definitive Edition has been adapted for modern platforms by Grove Street Games using Unreal Engine. The studio, formerly known as War Drum Studios, has worked with Rockstar in the past on titles such as Bully: Anniversary Edition for Android and iOS and the mobile version of Chinatown Wars.

The trilogy is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and - when it's back up - the Rockstar Games Launcher on PC.

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