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GTA 5 mod lets you play as Magneto and throw cars around

Magneto has come to Los Santos, and there aren't any X-Men to stop him.

Grand Theft Auto's sandboxes have been the ideal place to mod in superheroes for years. Now you can test out one of the great Marvel antagonists: Magneto himself. Iron Man literally doesn't stand a chance.

As developed by Julio NIB and reported by Eurogamer and PC Gamer, the Magneto script brings most of the mutant's superpowers to your Los Santos character. Metal objects surrounding you can be magnetized from great distances, including cars, trains, street signs, wind turbines, and even airplanes. This lets you collect them individually from their locations to circle nearby before flinging them as weapons.

Magneto's subtler abilities are included as well. Along with his flight, players have a "Bullet Shield" that deflects incoming attacks. (You'll probably need that once the Los Santos police sees what you're getting up too.) And when that pesky annoyance tires you, simply yank the gun from an attacker's hand and turn it against them.

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Now how about we add some in-game Sentinels for a real challenge?

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