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GRID 2 cockpit view enabled by modders, gameplay video inside

GRID 2 PC modders have started developing several cockpit view mods for Codemasters racing game, after the studio decided to take the feature out. The team said that only 5% of GRID players used the view, so they removed it in the sequel.

You can see examples of work-in-progress GRID 2 mods over on the Race Department forum

Here's some footage of a cockpit mod crafted by developer siroja00:.

Watch on YouTube

User HoiHman then added to the mod to make the interiors sharper, and it now looks like this:

You can check out the thread for more GRID 2 cockpit view mods, but seeing as so many people are taking tie to make their own cockpit views, should Codemasters have removed it in the first place? Discuss below.

Thanks Denis.

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