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Gravity Crash Anthems gets downloadable release


Retro shooter Gravity Crash's soundtrack is now available, Just Add Water's announced.

Known as Gravity Crash Anthems, the album consists of 16 tracks, which add up to over an hour's worth of music.

The tunes are composed and remixed by the composer of the original Wipeout, CoLD SToRAGE.

"Writing the score for this game was a total joy for me," said CoLD SToRAGE, real name Tim Wright.

"Although I have to compose in all manner of styles based on the requirements of each project, my musical roots are firmly planted in the 80’s where I first discovered a love for electronic music."

"When we started to think about the audio for Gravity Crash, there was no one else I wanted to get on board," said JAW boss, Stewart Gilray.

You can buy it from the CoLD SToRAGE website from £9.99.

The PS3 version of Gravity Crash got a release last month. The PSP version will get a release this year, with new and different content not available in the PS3 copy.

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