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Is this Google's Android TV controller?

Google's yet to be revealed Android TV controller appears to have shown face at the firm's I/O conference, and it looks like one attendee took a photo of it. It looks like an official product render has also escaped the internet.

Here's the official render, which was apparently discovered in files within a dev build of Google's new Android L operating system:


Next; the photo from Google's I/O conference, as taken by Artem Russakovskii, who said, "The Android TV box comes with a controller and looks totally hot."


The two certainly look similar.

Google's Android TV service will offer users a suite of games, films, TV music and other content in one device, which is hooked up to a television. The controller appears to be bundled with each unit, bt econd players can join in by using their Android tablet as a controller.

Televisions with this functionality built-in will start releasing in 2015, along with dedicated TV set-top boxes.

What do you think?

Via CVG.

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